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By Simons of London

Customer Testimonials(iPhone 6 leather cases)

Great case with a great price. I wanted to use this it for at least a month before reviewing.Fits great. Protects the phone very well. Seems very durable. Works well with wireless charger with cards removed. Very attractive. Feels good in your hand and makes the phone easy to use. I will drop my phone much less with the extra grip the case gives me.Card pockets are very handy if you don't like carrying a wallet.

ID Amazon.com 5.29.17

This case is very smart and very functional. If you want a sleek case that allows you to keep a couple of essentials with you so you don't need to carry a wallet this seems the perfect case.

RL Amazon.co.uk  5.28.17

Great packaging. Good presentation to give as gift.

JS Amzon.com  5.11.17

I love that it feels like leather. The other bonus is the id slots. I can take everything I need for a night out just by taking my phone. Great protection for my phone too!

PG Amazon.com 19.4.17

Quality is great. I recommend this item. Fits nice in your hand and pants pocket.

J Amazon.com 13.4.17

I have to say this is one of the best cases I have come across and I have owned a few of them including the one that is sold by apple.

CU Amazon.com 2.4.17

I love the convenience of the credit card slots in the back. I don't have to remember my wallet when I make a run to the grocery store or whatever. I love the feel and look of the material too. It's held up well so far. Great product.

JG on Amzon.com 26.12.16

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Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

I really like this case. It shows very little signs of wear after a couple months, and it holds my transit card so I stop losing it.

EA on Amazon.com 20.12.16

Elegant, comfortable and very useful pockets to have essentials card and passes accessible at all time.

AT on Amzon.com 20.12.16

Looks and feels Classy and elegant

S on Amzon.com 29.11.16

I have had this case for 1 year and it is a great quality leather iphone case. The leather is nice and the design is convenient to have my ID and credit card wherever I go without having to carry a wallet! I could fit my ID + 2 credit cards in the card slots. This did stretch the leather a bit so I couldn't just use it for ID+1 card after that, but that was okay.

Highly recommend this case

C on Amazon.com 26.11.16

Looked at this after looking at the Darkwood cases. Chose this due to it being half the price and basically the same quality. Extremely happy to not have a phone and wallet in my pocket.

EB on Amazon.com 16.10.16

The iPhone case was exactly as described . The presentation packaging was excellent; one could say a touch of old world class. The item was shipped from South Carolina to Tampa Florida and even with Matthew traveling up the East Coast my package was only delayed by one day in fact it was actually delivered on a Sunday afternoon. Would highly recommend both item and

FS on Amazon.com 10.10.16

Very happy with this case. Accommodates my main cards and ID, eliminating my need for a wallet.

CM on Amazon.com 7.10.16

Outstanding quality! You can tell its hand made. Love it!

AC on Amazon.com 13.9.16

I hate having a case on my iphone because it looks so good without anything on it, but this case is worthy! I put a lot of research into this because I will not tolerate an ugly case. This case is gorgeous, the two credit card slots are absolutely perfect. Just don't overstuff them and stretch out the leather.

AC on Amazon.com 7.9.16

Looks really classy. You can smell the leather and I love having the slots for my ID and CC's

AC 6.9.16

Fits great, Nice leather, Looks classy. I no longer carry a wallet what's not to love?

AC on Amazon.com 26.8.16

Really nice cover. Classy, great for execs or those that want to look like one! Fits my 6s perfectly.

M on Amzon.com 15.7.16

Love this case. I was surprised at the leather quality when I opened the package. I love how the leather feels. Great job Simons of London!

D.A.W on Amazon.com 13.7.16

Great quality. Just what I was looking for. I leave my wallet behind most of the time now. Very convenient and very impressed with the quality of the leather.

D.A.M on Amzon.com 13.7.16

Great quality product. Very slim, fine leather, and convenient for storing cards in the back. Doesn't stick to the inside of your pocket and feels great when holding the phone in your hand. Looks excellent on an iPhone as well. The case comes in a great box which makes a fantastic presentation if you're giving this as a gift. Would definitely recommend.

M on Amzon.com 12.7.16

Absolutely perfect I love this case more with each day. I waited a month to write a review because I have seen a lot of comments about it falling apart in this timeframe. As long as you treat it like it has a phone in it not like it's a protective case you will be fine. Its the classiest wallet case I have seen, customer service is fantastic and will check to make sure you are happy with your purchase, the packaging is beautiful. I couldn't ask for a better product.

CRS on Amazon.com 30.6.16

This is by far the best looking, feeling, and most functional iPhone Case I have owned. The look and feel is much more expensive than the actual cost and the case comfortably fits 2-3 cards. I have it had it for several months and there are no signs of wear and tear.

AC on Amazon.com 23.6.16