Leather  Phone Cases and Wallets 

By Simons of London

Leather iPhone 8 / iPhone 7 cases

I'm using this case to store a train card (in front) and a credit card (at the back). Conveniently, the front slot is not RFID protected, meaning I can tap my case onto the train entrance gate without having to remove the card from the slot. This is exactly the use case I was hoping for so I'm quite pleased.

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By the way, you make a GREAT product. I purchased my first case from you over two years ago. I also purchased one in red leather for my wife. Unfortunately I dropped my phone and the corner of the case cracked. Phone is fine, so the case worked!


iPhone 8 leather cases by Simons of London

Luxury Leather iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone 7 plus cases with two slots to carry your cards by Simons of London.

Enhance and Protect your Awesome Apple iPhone today.

Available in Walnut Brown, Classic Black and Rose Red.

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All cases come in a special Simons of London pouch and gift box.